Each of our auditoriums features the industry’s finest comforts with plush Ultra Leather extra wide seats, extra leg room, and excellent stadium viewing. Grand Auditoriums offer luxury seating and Digital Super High Definition film presentation. The Living Room Theaters each have five seating areas that create a private “skybox” type of experience. You may purchase unique and classic concessions and use a special tray that attaches to your arm rest.

Klipsch KPT-MCM-4-T Grand four way speaker system – The world’s first all horn system is Klipsch’s highest end system. It is regarded by many as the finest speaker system in the world. This is an exclusive theater audio offering in the Portland / Vancouver area.

MP8_Grand_PICGrand Auditoriums:

Our five (5) Grand Auditoriums offer superior comforts, Digital Super High Definition (2048p) film presentations, and luxury seating. The high definition film presentation allows moviegoers the ability to view films on a fifty (50) foot screen with amazing resolution and life like color clarity. The Klipsch sound systems are the finest in the industry. The customized reclining twenty four (24) inch Ultra Leather seats have extra cushion and double width padded armrests. This represents four (4) to six (6) inches more width than any other theater seat in the Portland / Vancouver area. You’ll also notice the difference of up to one (1) foot more leg room than other local theaters. The stadium seating is seventy five percent (75%) steeper than other theaters in the area, offering viewers the best possible line of unimpeded sight.

MP8_LR_PICLiving Room Theaters:

The unique design of the 3 Living Room Theaters includes sixty two (62) seats arranged into five Living Room seating areas.  All Living Room Theaters utilize Digital Super High Definition (2048p) projectors and the industries finest Klipsch sound system.  Each Living Room or “private suite” area is eight (8) feet wide and five (5) feet higher or lower than the next providing excellent viewing and a secluded “skybox” feeling. The seating areas have thirteen (13) extra wide customized Seating Concepts VIP Ultra Leather seats, each with its own footrest and unlimited leg room.  Living Room Theaters have pre-show restaurant and wine bar table service after 4:30PM.


> Living Room Theater shows are for 21 & over after 4:00PM. Shows before 4:00PM are ALL AGES starting 6/10/16.

> We recommend arriving a minimum of 40 min. prior to the movie start time Fri&Sat., 30 min. Sun. – Thurs., in the Living Room Theaters due to many shows selling out.

> Vinotopia dining is available in Living Room Theaters after 11:30 AM. Servers stop taking orders 10 min. prior to start time.

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